Shipping in law firms can lead to substantial lost time and increased expenses that cannot be recovered. In law firms today, the attorney to secretarial ratio can be as high as 6 to 1, with the average number of annual shipments per attorney totaling about 40 packages. The average spend per attorney in shipping is $700 to $900 annually. Managing this workflow requires substantial staff time that detracts from other work and increases overhead costs.

The free webinar examines the following:

  • Operational leakage in a law firm
  • The total cost of shipping
  • Case studies on how UPS & PSIShip are helping law firms control operational costs by minimizing shipping expenses

In this webcast, PSIShip will demonstrate how smarter shipping can increase cost-savings, productivity and client satisfaction at your firm. Register now to learn more!

Featured Speakers:

  • Jeremy Melis, UPS
  • Peter Marks, PSIShip

Taking Control of Operational Expenses in Law Firms

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On-Demand Webcast

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