21st Century Trial Advocacy Best Practices

Trial advocacy is an art that requires legal analysis of facts, understanding the relevant law, and effectively presenting your client's case.

Attorneys can coherently organize and prepare for trial using cloud-based trial advocacy technology to review depositions, organize trial exhibits, and prepare for direct and cross-examination.

In 21st Century Trial Advocacy Best Practices, you will learn:

  • Leveraging Technology to Prepare for Trial
  • Organizing Evidence with Cloud Collaboration Software
  • Preparing Exhibits Based on Causes of Action & Jury Instructions
  • Expert Tips in Preparing Deposition Testimony for Cross-Examination
  • Updates on Admissibility &
    Evidence Case Law
  • Advantages of Trial Presentation Software

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Live Webcast

Daniel Wolfe is the director of jury consulting for TrialGraphix, a litigation consulting firm specializing in jury consulting, graphic design, presentation technologies, and trial preparation solutions. In this role, Dr. Wolfe provides research-based and experiential data analysis to trial teams nationwide and oversees the standards in practice of the jury consulting team nationally. Dr. Wolfe works on high-profile and large-exposure litigation involving such matters as antitrust, product liability, intellectual property, professional malpractice, environmental, and securities. He consults on national litigation matters pertaining to a variety of industries, including automotive, airline, pharmaceutical, petroleum/petrochemical, biotech, and medical.

An expert in the fields of witness preparation, voir dire, and jury selection, he is also skilled in providing quantitative and qualitative analyses of venues through focus groups and mock trials.

Daniel Wolfe, J.D., Ph.D.
Director of Jury Consulting

March 7, 2013
1:00 2:00 PM ET

Joe Simons
Senior Systems Analyst

Joshua Gilliland
Majority Opinion LLC

Joe Simons is a senior systems analyst for TrialGraphix. In his role, Mr. Simons trains and supports clients on the LegalRadius® trial preparation software, an online solution that allows firms to manage case documents, transcripts, and synchronized deposition video from a central location. In addition, Mr. Simons works as a website administrator to maintain design and quality control standards for the LegalRadius platform. A former courtroom warrior and litigation cost-control advocate, Mr. Simons works to show clients how our solutions can save them time and money, make trial preparation more efficient, and help them win their cases.

Joshua Gilliland, Esq., is a California attorney and nationally recognized thought leader on electronic discovery with his blog “Bow Tie Law.” Josh has conducted over 350 Continuing Legal Education seminars on e-discovery all across North America.

Mr. Gilliland has a passion for the impact of technology on the practice of law. Mr. Gilliland is a columnist for LitigationWorld, has guest lectured at his alma mater, McGeorge School of Law, has been published in The American Lawyer magazine, and is active in the Santa Clara County Bar Association.

Mr. Gilliland also ties a mean bow tie.

Featured Speakers:

*One credit of CLE is approved in NY, NJ, IL & CA.

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