Clusters, Concepts and Predictions:
Use Cases for Conceptual Analytics and Technology-Assisted Review

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Much has been written about Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) in e-Discovery, and some attorneys are asking whether it will replace keyword search. A more appropriate comparison might be between TAR and text analytics, such as concept search and clustering. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are analytics tools that have traditionally been used to accomplish some of the same objectives as TAR still necessary?
  • Might they be used to augment the TAR process?
  • What are the best use cases for all of these tools individually and collectively?

Join Liquid Litigation Management, Inc. as they provide guidelines for selecting the right technology for your e-Discovery project. They will compare and contrast four technologies as exploratory, culling, review prioritization, and document identification tools:

  • Technology-Assisted Review
  • Concept Search
  • More Like This Searches
  • Clustering

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October 17, 2013
2:00 PM ET

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Joshua Gilliland, Esq., is a California attorney and nationally recognized thought leader on electronic discovery with his blog “Bow Tie Law.” Josh has conducted over 350 Continuing Legal Education seminars on e-discovery all across North America.

Mr. Gilliland has a passion for the impact of technology on the practice of law. Mr. Gilliland is a columnist for LitigationWorld, has guest lectured at his alma mater, McGeorge School of Law, has been published in The American Lawyer magazine, and is active in the Santa Clara County Bar Association.

Featured Speakers:

Josh Gilliland
Majority Opinion, LLC

Lindsay Stevens, Director of Software Development, provides a guiding hand in the day-to-day development and customization of Liquid Litigation Management, Inc.'s online products. She has tremendous experience supporting large-scale litigations involving multiple parties. She utilizes this experience to provide assistance to clients when customizing the product and to guide the development of new features.
Ms. Stevens also collaborates with clients create reporting and management tools that fit their business requirements. Her experience spans technologies in the areas of databases, client-server applications and web-based technologies.

Lindsay Stevens
Software Development

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