To understand fraud, it is essential that you understand the mind of its perpetrators.  Neal Levin is a worldwide authority in the pursuit of fraud, having hunted down swindlers from Texas to Dubai.  He is often compared to Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction, because of his ability to clean up even the worst messes.  But whatever the situation, he knows that fraudsters’ behaviors, and the forces that underlie them, are shockingly consistent, and that can be the source of their undoing.

In this powerful introduction to a nefarious world, Neal explains that fraudsters are driven by a basic instinct to conquer.  They are not motivated by money: it’s all about showing that they are smarter than the next guy – and it is usually a guy!  By sharing his knowledge of a fraudster’s all-too-frequent flaws, Neal explains how corporations, banks, insurers, attorneys, indeed anyone with a need to prevent losses and recover assets from fraud, can outplay cheats and tricksters.  Neal explains some of the specific steps they can take to prevent fraud occurring, and how finding the key points of leverage can force the reclamation of assets once fraud has taken place.

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The Psychology of Fraudsters:

How 'Knowing Your Enemy' is the Best Way to Prevent and Recover from Large-Scale Financial Fraud

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Neal H. Levin
Freeborn & Peters LLP

Neal Levin is the Team Leader of the Firm’s Fraud and Internal Investigations Practice Group and a member of both the Litigation and Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice Groups.

Often compared to Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction, Neal is most notably summoned when the case “stinks.” Known fondly as “The Fraud Guy,” he contends with a litany of fraudsters and fraudulent transactions, including those stemming from bankruptcy fraud, occupational fraud, corporate governance fraud, government corruption, insurance fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, asset concealment, so-called asset protection plans, offshore financial centers and, of course, Ponzi Schemes. His practice is international in scope and he has appeared in dozens of different tribunals over the course of his 23 years in the business.

Mr. Levin and his team also spend considerable time on the study of fraudsters as a means of leveraging their success.  Mr. Levin frequently lectures, writes and is interviewed on the psychopathy and sociopathy of a fraudster as well as on Ponzi schemes, bankruptcy fraud, investigations and recovery practices.

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Live Date: March 14, 2013 - 1:00 PM ET

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