“Don’t Know What You’ve Got `Til It’s Gone:

Securing Your Intellectual Property and Human Capital and Enforcing Your Rights When/If It Walks Out the Door

As business build intangible assets, such as new technologies, customer relationships, and employee knowledge – they are investing in their future profitability.  Unfortunately, just as tangible assets such as plant and equipment can be stolen or damaged, soft assets such as intellectual property and human capital can also be dramatically diminished through the actions of employees and competitors.  Too often, companies overlook or otherwise fail to take the steps necessary to manage and protect the value that is associated with IP and bound up with their employees, because:

  • They do not fully appreciate the legal tools available to them for protecting these assets

  • They perceive the costs associated with managing them as too high

  • They prioritize other activities because threats to these assets are not readily apparent

These companies are putting a large proportion of their organization’s value at risk, and potentially jeopardizing their entire enterprise.

This presentation provides executives with an overall of the legal principles and tools for protecting intellectual property and human capital.  It will also describe cost-effective mechanisms for taking action when a substantial risk of loss arises.


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Featured Speakers:

David Becker   


Intellectual Property Litigation Practice

Freeborn & Peters LLP

David Becker is a Partner in Freeborn’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, where he maintains a diverse litigation practice handling complex commercial matters, including patent infringement and product liability.  In those matters, David has obtained significant trial experience before juries, judges and arbitrators. His litigation has involved numerous technologies, including carburetors for automobile engines, windshield wiper blades, computer-controlled valve operating machines, and data capture systems.

Rachel Atterberry 


Employment Litigation Practice

Freeborn & Peters LLP

Rachel Atterberry is a Partner in Freeborn’s Litigation Practice Group, where she focuses on general commercial litigation, and particularly on employment-related matters.  She has extensive experience in the area of non-competition and trade secret disputes.  Law Bulletin Publishing Company recently named as one of 2013’s “40 Illinois Attorneys Under Forty to Watch.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013
1:00 PM ET

Complimentary Live Webcast

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